June 26, 2017

Growth Energy Thanks Veterans at Coke Zero 400

By Growth Energy

Our industry is one that embodies the American spirit and holds the men and women who have served our country to uphold our freedom and way of life in the highest esteem. It’s no wonder that veterans make up 19 percent of the American ethanol industry’s workforce.

At Growth Energy, honoring our military members is a strong tradition, and this July 1 we’re proud to work with our partners at NASCAR and Richard Childress Racing to carry that tradition on. NASCAR is as patriotic of a sport as you will find. That’s why the “NASCAR Salutes Refreshed by Coca-Cola” initiative which honors the United States military runs through most of the summer. As part of that effort, we will unveil a special edition red, white, and blue American Ethanol paint scheme on Austin Dillon’s No. 3 Chevrolet race car at the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway. Regardless of which track you may find yourself at, the pride and love for country is on display every race day, and we’re proud to collaborate with our partners to honor the men and women of the United States Armed Forces in Daytona.

Retired Four Star General, former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, of NATO, and Growth Energy board member, Wesley Clark will serve as the Grand Marshal of the race. Accompanying him to the track are employees of Growth Energy member companies who had previously served our country in the military and their spouses. The group will be honored by a crowd that truly respects and appreciates the sacrifices that our military makes for the United States every day.

The American ethanol industry prides itself on producing homegrown fuel that reduces our dependence on foreign oil, often imported from hostile nations overseas. Our members are proud that the fuel they produce strengthens America’s energy and national security. This industry creates hundreds of thousands of skilled American jobs that cannot be outsourced, supporting communities in the heartland that are proud to feed and fuel America. The ethanol business is hard, honest work, which is exactly what our members want. Above all else, they are proud to be American.

According to NASCAR’s data analysis, 16 percent of fans currently serve or have served in the armed forces, compared to 9 percent of non-fans. Meanwhile, NASCAR fans are approximately 30 percent more likely than non-fans to agree with the idea of purchasing American-made goods whenever they can. Beyond the hard data, there is simply an indescribable feeling of American pride at every race, whether it falls during the NASCAR Salutes period of the season or not.

Our partnership with NASCAR and Richard Childress Racing goes beyond sponsorship agreements. We share many of the same ideals, which makes being a part of the sport such an enriching experience for Growth Energy and American Ethanol. We are working to make sure that every NASCAR fan in America is a fan of ethanol. We are confident that more and more NASCAR fans will come to value our industry as one that embodies the values they hold dear.

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