April 11, 2016

American Ethanol and Ignite Racing Fuel Power Champion Catamaran Team

By Growth Energy


American Ethanol and Ignite Racing Fuel have partnered to serve as the primary sponsors for the CK Motorsports Skater Powerboats Catamaran. The Catamaran will be referred to as the Ignite American Ethanol Cat, and will use the catchphrase, “Cat Can Do.” The Cat Can Do team won the 2015 Offshore Powerboat Association Extreme class national and world championships.

The throttleman of the Ignite American Ethanol Cat and owner of CK Motorsports, Keith Holmes, is a vocal proponent of ethanol and uses it in his championship-winning boat. Keith and his team prefer ethanol because it creates more power, and allows their engine to last longer than the competitions’. Keith also cited environmental benefits as being a key factor in choosing ethanol, saying, “Ethanol is made out to be the big boogieman in the marine world, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality ethanol is a cleaner fuel that leads to cleaner engines and cleaner emissions, which means cleaner air and cleaner water. Plus ethanol is 100-percent biodegradable and it burns much cooler—and everyone knows that heat is an engine’s worst enemy.”



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