We make every effort to inform and educate Americans about the benefits of American ethanol.

Take a look at our various advertising campaigns that educate consumers and policy makers.

National Television Campaigns

A national fuel solution calls for a national audience. These commercials ran in national television media markets.

E15 Advertising

We reached out to American agriculture to ask the EPA to approve a 5 percent increase in our country's gas-ethanol blend.

Enhanced by Ethanol Advertising

So many aspects of our way of life are enhanced by American ethanol. Our economy, our environment, and our energy security, just to name a few.

Ethanol's Positive Impact on the Economy and Environment

Quantifying what's at stake in numbers that every American can understand.

Online Banner Ads

Targeting news seekers, our online banner ads have run on some of the web's most popular sites.

Raising the Regulatory Cap on Ethanol

More ethanol in our fuel supply can help erase a lot of the problems we face as a nation - from unemployment to harmful emissions.

The Truth About Food Costs

We fought back against the misinformation on ethanol with these ads in the New York Times and other publications.