Take action TODAY and tell your congressional representatives to OPPOSE ANY effort to eliminate or change the RFS or any attempt to block or inhibit the use of E15 or higher blends of renewable fuels.

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 Remind your Member of Congress and Senators about the many benefits of the RFS, including the specific benefits you and your community have experienced from the Renewable Fuels Standard. 

Select a method above to send a tweet or send a email and tell your elected representatives to support American-grown, clean biofuels and support the Renewable Fuel Standard. 

In addition to sending letters to show your support we encourage you to directly call to your representatives offices using the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 .

Tell your friends, family, and communities on social media why you support an industry that bolsters rural communities while simultaneously reduces our dependence on foreign oil.  Encourage them to take action as well -- as every voice in support helps us move forward to a cleaner, better economy, environment, and nation.

Thank you for your support of renewable fuels.