We represent the producers and supporters of ethanol, who feed the world and fuel America in ways that achieve energy independence, improve economic well-being, and create a healthier environment for all Americans now.

Growth Energy provides its members, partners and supporters an array of valuable services:

The American Ethanol NASCAR® Sponsorship

Growth Energy leads the national effort to increase awareness of ethanol, and improve the product’s popularity through the establishment and leadership of the American Ethanol sponsorship of NASCAR. In 2012, Growth Energy kicked off its first multimillion dollar national advertising effort focused on the NASCAR sponsorship platform to introduce E15 to consumers in the motor fuel marketplace.

Market Development

Growth Energy improves market access and consumer acceptance for E15, Flex Fuel pumps, Flex Fuel vehicles and mid-level ethanol blends. Our efforts improve American Ethanol’s market penetration, and provide American consumers with greater fuel choices.

Public Affairs and Communications

Growth Energy is THE trusted voice on ethanol to a multitude of audiences:  On behalf of – and to – our valued members, to our industry, policy makers, the media and public at large.

Advocacy and Policy Engagement

Growth Energy engages decision makers at all levels of government  to ensure the policy opportunities for ethanol are maximized, while policy and regulatory hurdles are limited.

Technical Assistance and Support

Growth Energy provides targeted technical information and general technical services to our members by utilizing our membership’s comprehensive knowledge-base.  Our technical team coordinates and responds to emerging technical and regulatory issues while providing members valuable information on fuel, co-products and health and safety regulation.

Membership Services

Growth Energy’s team of  professionals effectively and efficiently manage member resources, while fulfilling our shared mission to increase awareness of ethanol. By forming relationships and partnerships with ethanol plant members, associate supply chain members, industry partners and supporters of ethanol, Growth Energy improves the capabilities of the ethanol industry, while bringing cheaper, cleaner fuel all across America.